In Kidslife this past weekend our friends planted grass seed and look what happened!!! Samson’s hair grew! We learned about the strength God have Samson in his hair. Samson went against God’s instruction and told Delilah about the strength his hair gave him. Delilah cut off his hair while he slept and when he woke up His strength was gone. Aren’t you glad God never says “I told you so!” I am. Samson’s hair grew back and God Gave Samson a second chance with new strength. However, Samson’s disobedience first caused him to be thrown in jail and laughed at. It wasn’t until Samson prayed to God, admitting his failure and asking for a second chance that God gave him his strength back. From the get go Samson should have stayed far away from Delilah but instead he kept entertaining her presence. There are many things we know we should stay away from but we continue to entertain them. They will get you in trouble. Samson was able to defeat the Philistines because of the strength God gave him. Sadly, when the temple came crashing down Samson was buried with it and he died! Samson went out as a hero! God is a God of 2nd chances but we have to be willing to ask God for help. More importantly, we should remember to listen to God’s instruction from the beginning to ultimately keep ourselves out of trouble.

Author: helenarayos2014

Howdy! I am passionate about sharing simple God lessons through everyday real life events in my daily life. I’ve been writing since I was 11. What started off as a way to escape or cope with the uncertainty of life, has turned into a calling. I do believe that God has called me to share what He has placed on my heart with all of you! I recently published a children’s book The Chicks Save Easter. You can find it on amazon. I pray God finds you where you are and you allow Him to take you where He has called you to love and serve Him.

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