Five ways to get the most use out of your pumpkin this year!

Five ways to get the most use of of your pumpkin this year!

It’s officially October and I’m so Pumpkin ready! Ellie and I started our pumpkin activity fun Sunday night. I was really determined to get the most use out of our one pumpkin this year. So many years I have bought a pumpkin for each activity and we all know how fast that can add up. This year I was prepared to buy one and only one pumpkin but still have just as much fun with it. It definitely took some planning and bargain shopping but was so worth it. Today I’ll share with you the order we did out pumpkin activities in so that we could use just one pumpkin. Let me know all the fun your kids are having with their pumpkin this year!

1. Paint the pumpkin!

We used washable paint. However, if you dare, you can use acrylic paint which in my opinion is better. I didn’t give Ellie any instructions. I just showed her the paint and told her to have fun. It took her an hour to paint her pumpkin.

2. Carve the pumpkin and play with its guts!

We bought carving tools from Walmart. They worked great. I do suggest that you do not allow your children to carve alone. The carving tools are very sharp.

We did not carve a face because of another pumpkin activity. The kids loved playing in the guts. Nasty, eww, gross, yuck and disgusting were just a few of the descriptive words used by Ellie. Also, lots of high pitched squealing was going on. I loved it!!

3. Make the pumpkin explode!

Their reactions were priceless! You can explode the pumpkin as many times as you like. I actually placed a tall cup inside the pumpkin. I poured vinegar in the cup to nearly the top, dropped in several drops of blue food color then allowed the kids to dump in baking soda. The more baking soda you use the better the explosion! There are no exact measurements that we used. Just be prepared for a mess as soon as the baking soda is poured in with the vinegar.

4. Plant pumpkin seeds in your pumpkin!

This went extremely well UNTIL a 🐝 came to chase us! We ran all over the yard trying to get away. THEN he followed us inside. 😩 He’s trapped in the sun room at the moment!

Tip: carve drainage holes at the bottom of your pumpkin. This will keep it from molding as fast and allow excess water to drain.

Also, we cleaned our pumpkin out after the last activity to make sure there was no vinegar or baking soda left behind. I’m not sure this is necessary. I just wanted to play it safe.

5. We made pumpkin slime!


4oz of clear glue

½ tbsp of baking soda

¼ tbsp content solution

A few drops of orange food color.

We did double ingredients to make more!

Mix together with a handful of pumpkin guts. If it’s too sticky mix another ¼ tbsp of contact solution.

Ellie loves science so she was all about mixing and stirring! At the end she decided to add pumpkins, play fingers and spiders to her pumpkin slime.

There you have it, 5 ways we used our pumpkin this year. Yes! Each activity was done with the same pumpkin. I’m so excited that we were able to get so much use from one pumpkin. It does take planning but it’s worth it. I’ll be posting soon the turn out from planting the pumpkin seeds so stay tuned for that. I’m hoping next year I can get even more use from one pumpkin. I guess we will see! 😂

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