The Jump!

The jump!

Today Ellie braved the jump! It only took 20 minutes but she did it! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Sometimes jumping in is the hardest part. Not just into the water either.

It was time to get Kids Life open after the big covid shut down. I just had to make it happen. Even with limited volunteers I knew it was time. I was terrified. I didnโ€™t just want to open so that we had childcare available. Kids life is more then childcare. I wanted to open so kids could have a place to learn about the love of Jesus on their level with kids their age. But how could I make this happen with a limited list of volunteers? I wrestled with God. I made so many excuses and threw a fit when I thought it was not possible and then I decided to jump. He made it happen. It was never on me!!! No! We still donโ€™t have enough volunteers. Donโ€™t get me wrong. We may only have a few volunteers at the moment but let me tell you we have the best. All of them serve multiple times each month. They come ready to give God their best. They love on the kids, pray for the kids, have fun with the kids and most importantly each week they point the kids to Jesus. We jumped in and watching God move has been constant and so worth the jump. He has not failed us once in kids life sense reopening or EVER for that matter. There have been Saturday nights when I didnโ€™t know how we would make it work that Sunday. Then I get a text early Sunday morning, or have a volunteer ready to serve again but NEVER have we had to say we do not have enough volunteers for Kids Life that day. We jumped in and God caught us and He still has us.

I want to pause for a moment and say this is not a guilt trip. This is only me conveying the message that when you jump in for God He takes care of the rest. I know there will be a day when we have 100% of our volunteers back. I know those who are not serving yet have a reason and I respect their choice. Our current volunteers serving and our volunteers who we canโ€™t wait to serve with again hold the same value in kids life. They ALL love Jesus and they ALL want our kids to love Him too.

Jumping in is scary!

Jumping into healing

Jumping into a new opportunity.

Jumping into a new mindset.

Jumping into a new Friendship.

Jumping into a relationship with Jesus.

Jumping back into life after covid is probably the most scary jump for some right now.

Jumping in for Jesus is scary. Jumping takes courage. Jumping means you set your eyes on Jesus trusting that He will catch you. Jumping has pushed me into completely knowing that what we do each weekend in kids life is because of Him and Him alone. It has nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with Jesus.

In whatever way you are jumping in for Jesus (figuratively speaking) and no matter how overwhelming the jump might feel, just jump. Jesus is there waiting to catch you.

โ€œYou keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you.

Trust in the LORD forever,

for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.โ€

-Isaiah 26:3-4


Author: helenarayos2014

Howdy! I am passionate about sharing simple God lessons through everyday real life events in my daily life. Iโ€™ve been writing since I was 11. What started off as a way to escape or cope with the uncertainty of life, has turned into a calling. I do believe that God has called me to share what He has placed on my heart with all of you! I recently published a childrenโ€™s book The Chicks Save Easter. You can find it on amazon. I pray God finds you where you are and you allow Him to take you where He has called you to love and serve Him.

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