Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Eve and I can’t help but be reminded of all the wonderful individuals who blessed my family when I was a kid. We didn’t have much and definitely not extra for Christmas gifts most years. Still, my favorite Christmas memory is a Christmas Eve when I was 8 or 9. Well… honestly I don’t know how old I was. It was definitely elementary school age. It was Christmas Eve and there were no gifts under the tree. I remember feeling disappointed and at the same time guilty that I was disappointed because I knew Christmas is about Jesus. In the middle of my mixed emotions we hear a knock on the door. Not expecting anyone we opened the door to find several people including kids my age standing at the door with huge smiles. They had big bags filled with toys swung over their shoulders and boxes of food. We welcomed them in and after talking for a few minutes they held our hands and prayed with us. I hope they know how their prayers have followed me. It felt like such a huge circle of people who chose to show our family the love of Jesus. I can still remember the peace their prayers brought me. I remember my smile was huge and I was so thankful for them.
For years I’ve always desired to give back in the same way I was given to as a child. Early on I was challenged to find a way to pay it forward. To me that has always looked like giving to those who have less then me or are struggling financially. While giving in that way will always be a desire of mine, over the past few years I have desired to give in a different way. I have had the opportunity to give to those who might be doing well financially but emotionally they need a God kiss. You know? The kind of feeling you get when you go through a drive though and your having an awful day and for some reason the nice person in front of you covered your food? That’s a God kiss. Each of us at some time in life need a kiss from God. An unexpected gift that helps a person see that God is always there in the mist of their troubles. Someone needs a plate of goodies as they fight an illness. Another needs someone to hold their hand as they wait on the outcome of their loved ones surgery. Some need a financial blessing and I pray our family will continue to bless others in that way. However, even the financially stable need a reminder that God is still alive. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to bless another because I’m only looking for a similar situation as my
upbringing. We get to be a God kiss to someone. It might be a family struggling financially or it might be a family struggling emotionally. The question is, are we willing to allow God to use us as a reminder that He is alive and He has a blessing (God Kiss) for each of us.

Author: helenarayos2014

Howdy! I am passionate about sharing simple God lessons through everyday real life events in my daily life. I’ve been writing since I was 11. What started off as a way to escape or cope with the uncertainty of life, has turned into a calling. I do believe that God has called me to share what He has placed on my heart with all of you! I recently published a children’s book The Chicks Save Easter. You can find it on amazon. I pray God finds you where you are and you allow Him to take you where He has called you to love and serve Him.

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