Toe painting!

In Kids Life this past weekend our elementary painted using their toes. After the activity, Sarah and Bruce went on to explain that Loving others is one way we can tell others about Jesus. Jesus gave us the shoes of peace so that we can tell others about Him and He never said it would be easy. Jesus is full of so much love. When we are kind to others we are showing them the love of Jesus. Our teachers asked the class if it were easy to paint using their toes? No! It’s not always easy to show love to those who might not be too friendly. However, it pleases Jesus when we are loving. The class was asked to look at the beautiful pictures that they created using their toes. It was difficult but look what came from it. When you choose to show love (Kindness) to someone who might not know Jesus, they might stop to ask why you are so kind? Then you can tell them about Jesus. Actions speak louder than words. Who can you show love towards this week?

Forgiveness changed Everything!

❤️ Forgiveness truly changes so much about the one who forgives. I believe it can also change the one you forgive! My dad has become a great Pop Pop because of forgiveness. Ellie has experienced so much love from Him because of forgiveness. Because Jesus forgave me, I could finally let go and enjoy the new beginning He had for us! For some, forgiveness means walking away completely. That’s ok. For me, forgiveness meant a 2nd chance. Each time I spend with my dad makes me so thankful! I’m so thankful that through forgiveness Jesus can make all things new again. Though forgiveness we started again and for me that’s beautiful!

Get Up!

To all the Girls who have ever found themselves crying the ugly cry on the bathroom floor while you think you are watching your life fall apart in the mirror! Dramatic?!?! You know who you are and this is for you!

God has a plan for you. I’m not sure where you are at in this moment. Maybe you are in a great spot or maybe you are battling it out with God on the floor in this very moment. I do believe God has a plan for you. I do believe He woke me up for a reason. He woke me up at 4 this morning and He was loud. Keep choosing Him. Choose Him when it’s easy and choose Him that much more when it’s hard. The world sucks. The world will chew your up and spit you out BUT God He WILL make it right! The hurt and pain you have endured HE will overwhelm with healing and joy. Keep fighting. Keep pressing on. Please! Don’t give up! Keep choosing Him. It’s so easy to place blame on Him when another’s choice is to blame. He gives us free choice. Not everyone will choose right and their choices affect others and someone’s choice has effected you BUT GOD He will fight for you. It’s not fair! Don’t stay in the “it’s not fair mindset!” In this moment you get to choose Him even when others have not. In this moment He is fighting for you! Don’t worry about what you cannot see. You can’t see it getting better but He is working it out for you! Don’t ever forget that HIs word says “Trust In the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight!” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Trust In Him! The loneliness you feel right now is so heavy. The heartache and pain is so very overwhelming, but we serve a mighty big God and He always shows up right on time. He will always show up and He will always fight for you. You are so special to Him. You are so loved by Him. You are wanted by Him. You are Not just beautiful but you are His masterpiece. Girl! God has a plan for you. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU! Wherever you are, no matter what floor you are crying on, start crying out to God. If you are in a good spot find someone who is not and help pick them up. Choose Him because He chose you and He would choose you again and again. Life will never be perfect because we live in a broken and fallen world but God is perfect in all HIs ways. (Psalms 145) Go to it! Read it! Girl! It’s time! Get up off that floor! Take it from a girl who once had to choose to get up off the floor I was crying on! I had to stop living in the “it’s not fair” mindset and I had to begin walking toward a God who has never let me down. Are you up? C’mon! You’ve been on that bathroom floor too long. Get up! Stop watching yourself cry in the mirror! I know it’s hard. Get up! Walk toward God! I promise! He won’t let you down. Just, get up!

I’m so thankful for all the women God has placed around me. Strong women in Him. Women who don’t let each other stay on the bathroom floor forever. I wish I had a photo with you all but there’s no way to fit that many women In one picture. Still, I’m thankful for all of you! You know who you are. You are my tribe! 😍

Step up!

Do you want to know what made me teary eyed recently? This past weekend I watched one of our older girls showing a younger how to use the Bible. Victoria pointed out where to find the book of the Bible you are looking for. She explained that the big number is the chapter and the little is the verse and then she read the scripture to our little friend and explained what it was saying. How exciting it was to see a 10 year old pour into a child much younger than herself. Victoria could have been sitting with a friend her age or shouting that she found the verse first BUT she chose to look at the interest of another not just her own. This is huge! I was so excited and proud not just of her but of our awesome volunteers who go above and beyond to pour into these kids each week.

Not only was my heart full at this moment but I was encouraged by a 10 year old to always be willing to step up and help others in their spiritual walk. We don’t go to church just to be poured into. We go to church to pour into others. Victoria is a reminder to all of us to be willing to step up and help others grow in there walk with Jesus. Will you step up?

“…not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.” Philipians 2:4

Baking soda and Jesus!

I use baking soda on EVERYTHING!!! It’s so effective when fighting stains. I recently had a stain on my kitchen countertop. For a moment I thought “oh well. No one will see the stain if I cover it with this….” Then I remembered the baking soda under my sink. Why leave the stain? It’s only going to haunt me because I know that it’s there! I quickly pulled out the good stuff, poured some on the stain and waited a few minutes! Five minutes later the stain was gone. It was no longer haunting me. It would not be coming back. The baking soda was just what I needed at that moment.

Jesus is just who we need! Why do we try and cover up our stains with things of the world? Jesus is just who we need to completely take the stains away. He’s not a quick fix! He’s the real deal. Stop covering up your hurt, your sin and your pain. It doesn’t have to continue to haunt you! Jesus wants to take it all away.

“Purify new from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” Psalms 51:7 NLT

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This is my Roar!!!

This is my Roar!

32 years! That’s how long it has taken me to realize to who I belong. 32 years is how long it has taken me to be comfortable in my skin and be proud and unashamed of where God has brought me from! Guys! This is my year to let God truly transform me into all He has called me to be. I’ve been stuck in a victim mindset for a while and I didn’t realize it until this past year. Acknowledging this helped me break out of it. I’m not a victim. I’m free now. I don’t know who has been praying BUT through those prayers it has all finally clicked. Maybe you are older than me… this can be your year too. If you are younger than me don’t waste your life feeling down on you. You are so important to God. You are so loved by Him.

It’s 2020 people!!! 2020! I’m done. I’m done with all the self hate, guilt, comparison and so on. I’m ready to confidently transform into all that God has called me to be. I’m ready to wake up and choose to love myself. I’m ready to love me because Jesus loves me. I am His and in Him I’m 100% complete.

I’m tired of feeling bad for who I am!

I’m tired of wishing my body looked the way my brain tells me it should.

I’m exhausted from 2nd guessing myself as a mother, a wife, a coworker and so on!

I’m done thinking I’m not good enough to be where God has brought me!

I’m worn… truly worn from the worry. I just can’t worry anymore.

I’m tired of getting mad over really stupid things. Like, so mad my day is ruined!

Oh!! It’s gonna be hard. So hard but this is the year I say goodbye to all the broken parts of me. We live In a broken and fallen world but I don’t have to live like I’m broken. I can choose to walk in His freedom. You can too. Because we are His we are free!

It’s His! All of it!

It’s time that we break out of this mindset that we are too broken. It’s time we stop living with a victim mindset. It’s time we stop thinking that our past defines us. It’s time we stop feeling unworthy of His love. It’s time we stop telling ourselves day in and day out that we don’t deserve the forgiveness that He has given His life for. Of COURSE we don’t deserve His love and forgiveness. None of us do. BUT HE still gave it because His love for us is that big.

I’m ready to love all of me.

I’m ready to feel good in my body because it’s healthy. (Even if I do have cellulite growing on my butt)

I’m ready to be proud of the mother I have become and the wife God has called me to be.

I’m ready to know God placed me where I am with all the gifts I need to make a difference.

I’m ready to praise God for all the good and let my life be a blessing to others.

I’m ready to shout his love and this freedom I have found in Him from the rooftops.

I feel like Kevin from the movie Home Alone. I’m standing in the hallway yelling at the bad guys “Did you hear me? I said I’m not afraid anymore!”

I feel like we all need a Kevin from HOme Alone hallway moment.

I mean seriously. What makes you and I so different from anyone else who we esteem higher than ourselves? Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!

I’m no different to God!

I’m no less special to God!

I have no less value to God!

I’m loved no less by God.

I am His and in Him I can stand free from all self hate, comparison and feeling of not measuring up because I am His. You are His! You are His And in Him is where you find where you belong, your purpose and His love. His love for you is so big and it does not run out.

Is this too much? Have I gone too far? Maybe I should edit out the cellulite joke. Well actually that wasn’t a joke. Have I made some uncomfortable? I don’t know! If I have, I guess I’m sorry! Look! I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not perfect but I’m a work in progress. Jesus is continually working on my heart and transforming me into who He has called me to be NOT who the world has called me to be. Guys! I can’t say it enough. I am HIs. You are HIs. We are 100% complete when we realize that He is where we belong cellulite and all. Here we are in 2020! Are you ready? I am! This is my roar!

Is your vision 2020?

And the LORD answered me:

“Write the vision;

make it plain on tablets,

so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2

The month of December in Kids Life was filled with lots of fun engaging games that helped us focus on the birth of Jesus! There is one game I’d like to highlight. A few weeks ago the kids put a plate on their head and were asked to draw a scene given to them from the story of Christmas! They could not see what they were drawing. The game is called blind drawing! In this picture they are drawing the manger where baby Jesus was born. After their drawing was finished, they brought the paper plate down and they shared it with everyone around. Obviously, there were lots of giggles during this activity.

This activity raised a question for me. How many times in life have we blindly tried to draw the plan for our own life? Just like the picture of the manger that the kids drew, when we try and draw the picture we think our life should look like it usually doesn’t come close to resembling the picture God has planned for us. Don’t allow yourself to walk through this next year blind to God’s plan for you. Give God the pencil. His story is so much better than any picture you could draw for yourself. When it comes to his plan for our life, He has the 2020 vision. Why would we allow ourselves to plan something with less than perfect vision when we have access to the best? Jesus is the best. His plan for you is the best. Don’t expect anything less than the 2020 vision that He has for you. We don’t have to. His vision for your future is the 2020 perfect vision so begin this year to walk on it! When He begins to reveal His plan for your life, write it down. Write it down so you don’t forget what He has called you to. There will be so many situations and people who try and keep you from His 2020 vision. Don’t allow anything or anyone to blur the vision God has for you this next year. It’s time we get behind that 2020 vision!